Turning into a nice night

Friday, May 29, 2009

Posted via email from randallfriesen's posterous


  1. At the bottom of this post it says "Posted via email from randallfriesen's posterous".

    It must be late, 'cuz I *thought* it said "from Randall Friesen's posterior". and I thought "Randall's posterior can email? Do I even want to imagine how that's done?!"

    Time for bed. Really.

    But it begs the question...what *IS* your posterous? ;o)

  2. You should see how I can print faxes when I lift my right butt cheek...


    randallfriesen.posterous.com is a site I have that hosts images I take with my mobile phone. When it receives a image from my phone, it forwards the pic and subject line to my twitter account, and to here.

    that's all my posterous can do, for now.

  3. Still...your posterous is very talented. ;) Thanks for enlightening me.


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