Walking in a winter wonderland

Tuesday, May 19, 2009
It's another day of snow here in the field and on this my stat day off let me just say what a delight it is to have snow on the Victoria Day weekend in May.

Yes that was sarcasm oozing out every pore of my being.

The farmers are torn. They want and the fields need some moisture, but those who are not done seeding will soon be pacing back and forth in their houses, getting in their wives ways and being grumpy and short tempered.

As for our day, we have some Doctor appointments in town, then maybe lunch with Lauralea, although the bowl of porridge she made for me this morning could keep me full till tomorrow.

Anyway, I've been experimenting lately with posting pictures online from my phone so you might see some pic's up here in the near future.

and I hope it isn't snowing where you live.


  1. Not snowing here. You are welcome to NOT send it here. The rain we are getting is enough. We will see what the cool of the night does to the wet stuff I guess.

  2. Why wait till night. It has come. If there was wind it would be a blizzard. In December this would be pretty.


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