A perfect video for a morning like this

Tuesday, July 07, 2009
Turn it up, especially at the beginning, and listen to the storms move across Africa.
This is cool.

I especially like the guy playing the air drums.

via. Jadon.


  1. So very cool. I can remember when we'd do this at Camp. (when I was a counselor) If lunch wasn't quite ready and all the kids were assembled at their tables waiting, the director would start with the "shushing" of the hands at one side of the dining hall, and then cue the tables one by one, adding the snapping fingers and the slapping of thighs, then the stamping of feet, and back down again until our "storm" was over. So fun.

  2. Such a coincidence...I just received this from a friend and immediately thought I should send it to Randall cuz he would like it a lot. Makes one smile...very cool indeed.

  3. And, to complete the circle, I found it on the Fellowship of the Traveling Smarty Pants:


  4. I can't stop watching this. I just put my earphones on and closed my eyes. The thunder is amazingly realistic.

    The human voice in unison with other humans can be an amazing thing and can send chills down
    my spine.


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