This week on Twitter 2009-07-08

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

  • We're at a rodeo #

  • You know it must have ben a big night if you can't find your pants (Trousers for you brits) in the morning. #

  • As much as I may like to think I understand Tennis, I absolutely don't get the rules or scoring system at all. it's like cricket to me. #

  • An evening of meetings tonight. Sigh. Not a real fun way to spend a Friday night. Worky work work. #

  • The meeting is going good and Micah is txting me updates on the sask, bc football game. #

  • Another cool thing about living in a field? I can crank up "Into the West" at midnight and watch the big moon in the clouds. Thanx Annie L. #

  • I'm concerned that when the kids all leave home, my household look will consist of button shirt, boxers and black socks. Lauralea is worried #

  • Supper at Old Spaghetti Factory #

  • It's raining. #


  1. Say 'HI' to the Vandersluyseses for us.


  2. raining is it....let pray it keeps on raining for you

    got caught in a thunder storm riding round westminster last night, not rain, hailstones with no cover near by, it hurt - alot.

  3. You need to play Wii Sports. After playing tennis numerous times I think I finally understand the scoring. That is unless they use their own version of the scoring. Not sure.

  4. The Vandersluyseses were duly greeted.

    and the rain kept coming and coming as did the hail and a 5 hour tornado watch. Can't win for trying.

    Angie do you make that embarrassing grunting noise when you play Wii tennis at home??

  5. "Angie do you make that embarrassing grunting noise when you play Wii tennis at home??"

    Doesn't the Wii do that for you?


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