Things are starting to green up. Finally.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009
After a day of friends leaving, bad prairie weather, and simple weariness, I think I'm going to follow Lauralea to bed.

It was good to see our friends, Marc & Dixie again and we probably visited a little too late into the night, but it was nice to talk with them again.

Then today in the field, the rain started and the weather rolled in. Thunder and lightning, hail and a long tornado watch settled in. The rain that comes now will help the grass grow a bit which will help the cattle farmers, so they get some reprieve. But mostly any rain that falls now is really for next year. You work with one eye on the skies, watching for forming funnel clouds. Today out here there were a couple that could have formed, but thankfully, at least as much as I've heard around here, none did.

And so we are tired. Lauralea was talking about bed around 7pm tonight, and I think it might be a good idea. Just the light outside that will probably keep me awake for a while.

So from the field tonight, I'm going to bed thinking and praying for many of you.


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