Do you get your fashion ideas from visits to Walmart? Better think again.

Thursday, August 27, 2009
Ok, honestly I really thought it was just me. You know, when you go to Walmart in jeans and a T-shirt and you feel overdressed for the occasion. Sometimes I leave the place wondering what were those people thinking?!?

Well apparently it wasn't just me.

Now there is a website called where you too can view and upload images of relaxed people shopping in their own, um easygoing way.

This give a whole new meaning to "relaxed fit jeans."

If you don't find the images interesting, then you might want to look, just to make sure your own picture isn't included.

(I feel strangely comforted by the realization that it wasn't just me or the Walmarts I occasionally visit.)


  1. I saw a shirtless, beer bellied, middle aged man shopping in Walmart a few weeks ago. Seemed odd to me, but maybe not.

  2. So what; the no shoes, no shirt policy doesn't apply to rednecks?


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