This week on Twitter 2009-08-26

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

  • Day progresses. Done at post office by 9 am. Back in field for a 10 am appointment. Now a quick bite then a 1 pm online appointment. #

  • Coyotes howling out there tonight. Wild wild west. #

  • Up at 4am to drive to the airport. The boy had better be thankful. #

  • Too many people at the airport much to early. #

  • So ...groggy today. Why? I slept. #

  • I think I'm ready for tomorrow. Talking about what faith looks like today by looking at Samuels mom. #

  • Lauralea is making noises like she needs to get out of the field tonight. Might be townies tonight... Now which town. #

  • Watching Stardust and wishing I had a Babylon candle. #

  • Beautiful day in the field, full house again at church and a great morning. Now what's for lunch? #

  • Boston pizza fail. Waited at table 20 mins, no service, only 2 other busy tables in the place. Finally just left. A&W, eating in 5 mins. #

  • I think I watch Inspector Morse partly for the great music they always make time for. #

  • Saw Inglourious Basterds. "A lighthearted romp through the fields of 1940s France" Except for some of the graphics it was an enjoyable flick #

  • Tonight at 10pm as I finally left the office it was pitch black out. Do we need that already? Next stop, falling leaves. #


  1. Hi Randall,

    i see you had a poor experience at one of our locations. Would you mind providing me with the location and details?

    Thanks, Brad

  2. Hi Brad,

    Good work on monitoring the internets.
    I'll email you privately about it.

  3. Thanks for that laugh! It brought back memories of waiting for a 2am bus in Regina near Christmas time. Brenda and I decided to go to the Walmart - now open 24 hours! Well let's just say it was a humourous experience. And I have to say one does feel a wee bit less depressed after the experience!


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