This week on Twitter 2009-08-26

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

  • Day progresses. Done at post office by 9 am. Back in field for a 10 am appointment. Now a quick bite then a 1 pm online appointment. #

  • Coyotes howling out there tonight. Wild wild west. #

  • Up at 4am to drive to the airport. The boy had better be thankful. #

  • Too many people at the airport much to early. #

  • So ...groggy today. Why? I slept. #

  • I think I'm ready for tomorrow. Talking about what faith looks like today by looking at Samuels mom. #

  • Lauralea is making noises like she needs to get out of the field tonight. Might be townies tonight... Now which town. #

  • Watching Stardust and wishing I had a Babylon candle. #

  • Beautiful day in the field, full house again at church and a great morning. Now what's for lunch? #

  • Boston pizza fail. Waited at table 20 mins, no service, only 2 other busy tables in the place. Finally just left. A&W, eating in 5 mins. #

  • I think I watch Inspector Morse partly for the great music they always make time for. #

  • Saw Inglourious Basterds. "A lighthearted romp through the fields of 1940s France" Except for some of the graphics it was an enjoyable flick #

  • Tonight at 10pm as I finally left the office it was pitch black out. Do we need that already? Next stop, falling leaves. #

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