Holidays 2009. Day Two.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009
Last night I went out and walked and walked and walked. It was great.

Walking and praying, walking and praying. The two go hand in hand for me and have for a long time, walking and praying. So last night while I walked and walked and walked, I prayed too.

An interesting observation from the late walk was that in this city with the smoking bylaws, outside of nearly every restaurant and bar was a small group of people having a smoke. They were friendly talkative people who had time to chat. That's a whole cultural shift and makes the walk much more sociable.

Anyway, I prayed for many of you. For family and for the people I care for out in The Field. For our future and about the past. Lots to be prayed for. Lots of walking accomplished.

And then as I returned to the apartment, the fireworks lit up across the river, at the Exhibition.

A beautiful late evening in a pretty city.

And a good way to start my birthday.

So have a good day. And know that you have been prayed for.


  1. happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear Randall, happy birthday to (and with a resounding last chord, 4-part harmony) youuuuuuuu!!


  2. Happy Birthday Preacher Man... Best wishes for a great day.


  3. Happy Birthday Randall! Glad you were able to be "home" for your b-day but I'm shocked you walked around downtown S' night no less! ;) That ain't no peaceful pasture there!

  4. Happy Birthday, Rev. Friesen. Sir, I have a question for you, again. What is the difference between pastor and reverend? Awaiting your answer.


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