This week on Twitter 2009-08-05

Tuesday, August 04, 2009

  • Ok Greyhound, I got up early to be here on time. Why can't you do the same? And why do we have to find out from a passenger on the bus??? #

  • Nice Saturday. Slept in a bit, ate some good food, and now at the office in a good chair that doesn't cause my back to hurt. It's all good. #

  • I think we are off to Sask tomorrow. Most of us anyways. Not looking forward to the drive though, still with a nasty back. #

  • It's humid in The Field tonight. Makes me remember life in Southern Ontario. #

  • Nothing tests a family like a rousing game of Pit. Family Rule 27538 #

  • Taking Hillary into Edmonton to catch her ride back to camp in BC. A long day I think. #

  • Car is nearly packed #

  • Listening to Dragnet on Sirius Radio. #

  • Made it to Saskatoon. #

  • The Shriners make it to every parade. #

  • The beauty of sleeping on an airbed with a wife who weighs less than you, is that you sleep lower than her and she rolls to wherever you are #

  • Walking these city streets on a full moon night. #

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