This week on Twitter 2009-08-12

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

  • No happy birthday surprises last night what with the boy sleeping on the couch one foot away. #

  • Having coffee and great donuts at the Rostern Bakery. #

  • After a couple of days in beautiful Saskatoon, we are on the road again. South. Broadview bound. #

  • Just passed Google street view camera car. Watch for us on hwy 1 just east of Regina. :) #

  • Going uptown to get donuts from the broadview bakery. #

  • On our way home. #

  • Just leaving Saskatoon and I'm tired. 4 hours on the road already. At least the 16 is double lane. #

  • The Borden Bridge is still a great looking icon in Sask. But what do you do with an unused bridge. #

  • Nice orange 09 Mustang just passed us like we were standing still. Very very nice. #

  • Ah Battlefords. Need some gas. #

  • I just saw a man in shorts, collar shirt, dark socks, and black dress shoes. Inspirational. #

  • Back in Alberta, driving west into the sun, listening to old time radio. #

  • Another mindless update to keep me awake: Bob Newhart makes me laugh and think that the 60s were good old days. #

  • In Camrose at KFC with his wee beady eyes and fortnightly inducing chicken. #

  • Home at last to The Field. So good. My own bed and Laur beside me. Night internets. #

  • At exactly 4:13 this morning while sitting on my throne, I promised myself that The Colonels chicken bits would never again touch my lips. #

  • A beautiful morning on my way to town. #

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