Word comes about Hillary tonight

Apparently our "gifted child" was again involved in some accidental self harm. She called today before the camp could call, just before they took her to Emerg.

She was involved in an incident on the climbing ropes and nets that got her, somehow, wrapped in the rope netting, upside down. She was stuck there long enough to do some damage to herself. The camp medical staff was taking her into emergency last we heard.

I imagine she's back at camp already and that they would call if something serious had resulted. As it is she will have broken blood vessels over her face and throat etc.

So remember her again if you would. It's been a tough but good summer for her. Hopefully she makes it to Autumn.


  1. Keeping her and you guys in our prayers tonight. Ahhh - the joys of parenthood!

  2. and you are having your own fun down there eh Jason?

    I suppose at least Hillary's trip to Emerg won't cost any money to her. I was glad too that your child didn't have "The" flu.


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