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Thursday, September 03, 2009
You might recall a few weeks ago we went to a local Boston Pizza place and we had a less than positive experience. While we were leaving the place to head over to A&W I Twittered about the experience.

Well, someone over at BP's was monitoring the feeds and within a day or two was at my site leaving a concerned comment. He also subscribed to my twitter feed. I emailed him and within about five minutes he replied to me and had cc'd the Guest Services Manager for Boston Pizza. Long story short, this morning I received in the mail a gift card for $25 to use at any Boston Pizza as an invitation to try again.

I know some companies have struggled with how to handle the social media and the ongoing conversations of the internet, but here is one company who seems to be making an effort to harness the power of social media and use it for their own good. The willingness to use the internet to listen to what's being said about your product shows a real edge in the market that some other companies are afraid of or simply unwilling to do. (You may remember our Pizza Hut experience of May 2008, Here and a follow up here. to date there has been no further contact from Pizza Hut.)

Managing your good name out here in the wild west of the internet is something that small and large companies can do with relative ease simply using the technology to work for you.

So well done Boston Pizza for listening to the crowd.

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  1. Very cool! I like Boston Pizza, except sometimes they can be very slooowww...but their diverse menu makes everyone in our family happy. Go Zorba the Greek (pizza)!


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