Guess where we ended up this windy afternoon.

And what a game it was too.

I got a call three hours before the game with someone who suddenly had two free tickets, bless their heart.

The wind was so cold, I think I shivered through the fourth quarter, sitting beside a big young Saskatchewan farmer who was cheering for the Green and White - as were many around me.

Somehow by the end of the game, the Riders prevailed by three points. The weather was such a factor in the game, sometimes it seemed neither team wanted to win.

Oh and the other very cool thing about the game today? It was sold out. 62500 people in that park which set a new record for Commonwealth Stadium, and the highest attendance of any CFL game, ever.

Wow, and we were there for the history making day.
Oh and Saskatchewan just happened to win that highest attendance game. Cool.

Micah and I had a great time.
Now I have some prep work for tomorrow that I was going to do this afternoon.

Then, I have to find a way to warm up. My teeth are still cold.


  1. The good guys won, and the Eskimos fans went home disappointed. I wish I could have been there with you.

  2. Me too, and it was a full house, and COLD!!! I'm hoping to follow up my game watching with a trip to the Shologan farm tonight, he sure had a great game!!

  3. Sorry Kent

    Sometimes I forget.

    It was a Saskatchewan Roughriders VS the Edmonton Eskimos, Canadian football League game.

    Exciting, three down football.


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