Human trafficking for sex trade comes to Edmonton

Friday, September 11, 2009
Of course at some levels it's been here a long time already but these charges and rescue are a first for Edmonton Police.

Read about the arrest here.

"There are people in major cities in Canada who have ads in foreign newspapers in those cities," he said. "They answer the ads and are led to believe they are coming to a new job in a massage parlour that pays very well. They are put to work and very quickly realize it is more than massage, it is the sex trade."

It appears the three women had not been in Canada long when they answered the ads. They appear to come from traditional, honour-orientated families which made it easy to control them through fear and threats.

Although the spa closed its doors at 11 p. m., the women were expected to be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

"They ate, drank and slept in the rooms they worked in," Schening said. "I don't know what brought them to Canada. But I know they came to Edmonton thinking they had profitable employment."

Garry Drummond, human trafficking awareness co-ordinator for the RCMP's northwest region, called the charges and rescue of the three women a first for Edmonton police.

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  1. That is so incredibly sad.

    As a registered massage therapist I am just appalled that such businesses even exist. I cringe when someone calls me a masseuse because if you look up 'masseuse' in the yellow pages you will find businesses like the one mentioned in this article. How is this even legal? Boggles my mind.


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