I. Think. I'm. Done.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009
I feel like I have been captive in this office for a couple of days now, although yesterday I was in town to check on someone in the hospital, still feels like I've been in here forever.

I'm heading home to get a few hours sleep because tomorrow early I am off to Saskatchewan to help a young couple get married. Truly a delightful proposition, now if only the prep work were as delightful. That's why I'm still here at this hour, after being here all day.  This is kind of the way it's going to go for me till mid to end of October I fear. Just a lot of things happening in autumn.

And speaking of Autumn, it was another hot hot day here and my office, the hottest in all the church. When isAutumn going to arrive? The cool breezes, the orange leaves drifting slowly downward... I love that patch of life and i don't want it overlooked by the weather people. I want my autumn, but the forecast is for more days in the upper 20s.


I'm just waiting for Fawlty Towers to download. You know the one with the elderly, deaf, "Excuse me is this a piece of your brain" lady in it. I love that one.

Then I'm heading home.

I'll see you later.



  1. so are you coming to PA? Or elsewhere in SK?

  2. Drive safely today feller.

    BTW I thought autumn arrived a few weeks back for you guys with your early morning frosts? Looks like the people running the weather system have messed up again. ;)

  3. PA.

    And I think autumn was in summer when we had the crop killing frosts.


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