This week on Twitter 2009-09-16

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

  • The day started early today. Lots to do. Nothing pithy or funny to say here. Just carry on. As you were. #

  • We're harvesting crops to help feed people in Africa. Cool. #

  • Human trafficking for sex trade comes to Edmonton. Sigh. #

  • Band of Brothers. Nearly done. #

  • Bright and clear out tonight. The Milky Way is visible in all it's glory. #

  • A quick lunch. #

  • If you are in western Canada the Space Station should be passing overhead at about 8:29 tonight for 5 min. West to east. Big shiny thing.. #

  • Beauty. The Space Station drifted silently overhead, the brightest thing in the sky. #

  • Usually I love em but I so don't have the intestinal fortitude for a national election this Autumn. The lies, the BS, the comercials. #

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