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Wednesday, September 30, 2009
Finally I turned on the warmth in my cold office after fighting it for three days. I wasn't sure if I was shivering because I was cold or just tired but I figured it was easier to turn on the heat than it was to go have a nap.

Yesterday was a long one. I think I was here before 6 am and it went till about 11:30 pm last night. Just stuff to do, and meetings to be at. It's not usually like that but yesterday turned into one of those long days. I'm getting ready to do some stuff at a leadership training retreat we have planned this weekend. Then following that is a day of ordination interviews, which I'm kinda looking forward to. Then three days of leading a Pastors and Spouses retreat. I'll be glad when we are a week down the road here.

You might think that living and ministering in a field there wouldn't be much more than deer and flowers and happy lazy sunsets to enjoy. Well that isn't the case. Seems like we are at a epicentre of disease and mental illness and hurting and loss these days. Feels like each new phone call someone else is down and nearly out. I got word this afternoon that one of our people has been given two months more for this life. I can't even think what that would be like, but it happens to people every day. Two months... what would I do...

Anyway, there is much to be done here in the field.

But because I haven't been home much and I'll be away later this week and weekend, it's time for Lauralea and I to go out on a supper date. Micah is in youth all night and after that he can do homework.

So, we'll chat again later.


  1. Hope you and Lauralea have a relaxing evening and that you make it through the week.

    Hmm... LEADING the Pastors and Spouses Retreat will mean it won't be quite as much fun as it ought to be... but that's life, I guess.

    Take care!

  2. Well Dix, it ended up a little less than relaxing, but at least we were rushed together.

    We ended up at Safeway filling carts, after I ran to the Post Office.

    And we're back and I'm just returning a few phone calls.

    Glad your day was a little "Less" lonely.


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