This week on Twitter 2009-09-30

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

  • I seem to be hungry for meat. #

  • I'd like to be a cheesemaker one day. Esp. now that my mamas & papas fan club idea is down the tubes. #

  • "Esks/ Riders ticket sales for Saturday 52,500 and climbling! Biggest regular season crowd in CFL this season." Gonna be big w/ rider win! #

  • It's Friday afternoon people. Let's look alive here and hurry hard right up till the bell rings because then it's THE WEEKEND! #

  • Nothing says you're a middle aged guy who lives in a field like grocery shopping on a Friday night. #

  • Guess where we ended up this windy afternoon. #

  • We are watching Harry Potter and NFL football during comercials. I keep getting confused about who I'm cheering for. Dumbledore or the Colts #

  • I stayed up to watch Big Bang Theory. It was worth it, and sleep I loose as a result. Glad that one is back this year. #

  • The boy says he needs a $100 Graphing Calculator for math. I say there must be an app for that, and there is. 99 cents. I win. #

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