"Harvestival" 2009

Saturday, October 31, 2009
Kind of a harvest-festival-youth fundraiser-supper-square dance thingie that our church enjoyed tonight.

Beef was eaten and though the squares for the square dancing were not perfectly square, we did have some fun.

And here's the evidence.
Some pictures of the event are here. click here

And of course the video evidence:

A great night.


  1. Looks like 'fun'.

    Is that Thomas and Hilary I see there too?

  2. Everyone appears to be dancing without music !

    Is this an indication of a) my poor hearing b) local custom or c) everyone holding themselves back until you joined the fray ?!

  3. Hey Toni, yep it's the kids. They arrived yesterday because they are off for "Reading Week." So they better read.

    and yes, the music was a bit quiet, mostly because we were learning how to do it and we had to hear the caller above the music. But there was music, and it was an old school record player the caller brought along.

  4. I just noticed the video at the bottom. Looks like great fun. Reminds me of the evening Marc and I spent at the old dance hall in Watrous. Where'd Hillary get that great dress?


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