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Monday, November 02, 2009
It's monday and the college kids are home for a week calling it "Reading Week." I think this means some study might be involved at some level, but you never know.

I do know that I finally, have a doctors appointment this afternoon. Of course I am feeling better than I have for a while now, so I get to go see him and be embarrassed by my health. Nice work Friesen.

I sat down with my schedule (Pronounced with a SHedule and not a SKedule) this morning and have realized that I haven't had a free evening at home in over ten days. That may have contributed to this lingering illness. (I can hear you thinking, "YA THINK?" Now quiet down you.) Anyway, this coming Wednesday evening looks like it may be clear, and I should make it to then.

So it seems we've been one year in The Field, working with the field people. It's been better than I had imagined, that I can say without hesitation. There have also come some surprises in terms of understanding myself better. There is a better understanding of some of the unverbalized or misunderstood pressures facing a city dwelling newcomer to a field. That has more to do with trying to fit in to field life than it does have to do with leaving the city.

But I am pleased with where we now live and I'm excited about the progress of the church. Since we've been here a year the realization is dawning upon some people that I am not the answer to their problems and that we may have to go a bit deeper to figure those thing out. That's a good place to be at because it means that the work can now begin.

I see my next appointment has arrived and I should go meet them.

Happy Monday to you all, internets.

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