And now, the Fondue

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  1. This, however, looks delicious.

  2. what is that cheese? Now if it was chocolate...that would be a different story!

  3. I *hope* that cheese is a mix of Emmenthal and Gruyère, dissolved in a dry white wine with some Kirsch, nutmeg and a little garlic.


    Chocolate fondues are initially appealing, but very quickly the desire is overtaken by ickiness. They are better with sharp-flavoured fruit to dip than marshmallows.

  4. This was SO amazing.

    We've tried doing this before at home but never have even come close to this.

    Yes Toni it was as you described and as I said, it was the best, but there was so much and we couldn't finish it.

    Now I could eat some more.

  5. i think i like them better without the wine in them, but ya, it does look good.


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