Supper at a Swiss Restaurant - Raclette

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

For Johanna.

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  1. I feel sad for you...that's not raclette. Maybe raclette the cheese but not raclette the meal. We had the last of our illegally imported cheese tonight and the right way to do it is to heat the cheese under and element. When it's hot with a slight crust you drop it onto your potatoes and add spices. Tonight we grilled veggies and had cheese on those too.

    I'm sorry you couldn't experience real raclette, but next time you come to visit we'll make it.

  2. Oh, I forgot, the other rule is that you must drink tea with this meal. The Swiss logic was that if you don't the cheese will harden in your stomach and give you a stomach-ache. I never questioned the logic, so I don't know if it's really true.

  3. I can reassure you (both Randall and Johnna) that a glass of white wine will also stop the cheese hardening in your stomach. It MUST be so, since one would normally drink the wine used to prepare the cheese fondue at the same time as eating it.


  4. The raclette was an premeal snack here. It was an amazing mix with the potatos and even pickles. The slight crust on the softened cheese was so good. Where can you get that cheese?

  5. Tesco?


    Or Switzerland (and illegally import it into Canada).


    Apparently some of your neighbours further south make it.


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