Back in the field

And back in the office today. Well, for most of the day. We have some appointments in town later in the day.

My health continues to struggle towards life and with all the paranoia out there, I'm glad I'm getting better.

Had a great couple of days in Calgary, working with some young adults who are living together in a house and creating community together. This is a cool thing that we as a Covenant church are trying to do here in Canada. Creating houses of community where you can move to and work or go to school, but the value and purpose is to live in community and grow together. This is our first attempt at it and it's exciting.

This house has a more introverted collection of individuals, but they are quality people, just learning to live life together. They are creating a Spiritual Order for the house as they go along, and they interact as those growing in their faith in God.

I get to be their spiritual director and so I'll go down and meet with them three or four times this year.

It's also good because it gets me into a city of a million people and after having to sit in unmoving traffic for an hour yesterday I'm happy to be back in The Field.



  1. The Calgary gig sounds good - not only the stimulus for you, but also the whole concept of intentional houses of community. Mustard seeds come to mind.

    I also understand the city/field vibe - strange but true. And finally, on this empathetic comment, go with your body and mind on this getting over the flu thing - it can leave you low on both counts for a while.

  2. It must feel good to be involved so deeply in community. Sounds like a good task. It is something that I might find engaging and fulfilling to do myself. We shall pray for your young people as we do the church and family.

    Hope you are feeling better.


  3. Is there a discipleship aspect to this, or is it more a case of a bunch of guys/gals sharing a house together (funded by the church?) and learning to rub along?

  4. Yep there is a discipleship component to it. It has more formal and informal aspects to it, but the goal is to be shaped by God into the image of Christ.

    There is an older couple there, and by older I mean in their early 30's, who do much of the day to day discipling work. They also have jobs outside the house. Then we bring in local pastors, teachers, guys like me, and so on to do the more formal stuff.

    The people who live there fund it and learn to rub along.


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