From the depths of the flu

Well, I'm nearly over my disease that led to some very surreal visions and dreams, and some have declared it to be N1H1 which would be no surprise to me given the way I've been feeling. Now I'm just down to some flem coughing and a bit of bone weariness that I have to watch. I admit that for a while in the depths of the Great Disease I was a bit worried about making it out of the haze. Images of a local pastor who was about my age, who caught the flu and died suddenly filled my darkest moments. Thankfully it wasn't my time, yet.

Tomorrow I'm off to Calgary for the day to attend to some Spiritual Direction for our intentional community house we've started in that city. I've been looking forward to it for a while now, and I think that spiritually it will be great.

Physically, I need to watch myself.

So I'm off to bed.


  1. Regarding this flu that you suspect just might be H1N1 could be... I have just gotten over the same type of flu as has my son. Just horrible, really, and boy, does it ever last a long time. I hear it has hit P. A. now. Glad you are coming out of it though. Cheers.

  2. Going for a vaccination myself today.

    I will be praying for your ministry in the house these next few days. Have a wonderful time in Calgary and do make sure you get your rest so you keep recuperating.

  3. Randall it seems that whenever you get a flu, so do I. Gravy, what's that about? I have been down with it for a couple of days, and certainly don't plan on having it for as long as you, however I have heard that 90% of people fighting the flu today are quite likely to have symptoms of H1N1. Yay. Basically they are like other flu symptoms, you just tend to get them once:( Ugh, yes the "name" from the comment above is right I suspect - it has certainly hit P.A.

  4. Isn't H1N1 a relatively mild flu? My understanding is that this is being called a pandemic because of its rapid spread, not because of its severity. Sounds to me like you had a nastier strain of influenza.

  5. That's the problem Phil - wrong information being sent to the public and I could get on a soap box but I have been doing a lot of that at work. Let's just say if I had a list of people I would love to tell them how I feel - the news would be the top....

    The H1N1 flu has different severitys - along with any flu. Sometimes it can kill (and has killed several hundreds already) and sometimes it means a couple of days of feeling under the weather or sometimes the person just becomes a carrier with no symptoms.

    It's a pandemic because of the number of affected people - has nothing to do with the severity. What has the news all in a twitter is the cases that have resulted in death - which have for the most part been relatively young people in good health prior to be infected (and they like to work everyone in a panic and create headaches for those that actually work in a particular field, but again I degress - it's been a long couple of months and man oh man do I hate the news with a bit of a passion.........)

  6. Good comments ... I was at my Doctor's yesterday, only because my place of work requires a Dr.'s note by day 3, and he was saying that approximately 4,000 Cdns. die each year due to the flu. Typical media hype has indeed taken things to a new level of unnecessary panic. I'm sure many would share the same soap box.


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