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Friday, October 09, 2009
Thanksgiving weekend here on the cold Canadian prairies and it looks like we will have a few things to do around the Field.

Thomas and Hillary have caught a ride towards home tonight and I'll have to go get them from Edmonton, but its going to be good to see them again.

Then my brother, sisters, mom and sister in law called to say they were coming down today too, after work, for the weekend. they should arrive tonight, late.

Then Johanna and Nate caught wind of this and not wanting to be left out, they decided too to hit the road after work tonight. The drive from Vancouver to the Field is a bit longer than the other ones, but they should be here early in the morning tomorrow.

And there you have it. Our house will go from three people to 13 people overnight.

Lauralea is over there baking like a madwoman and finding enough corners for everyone to sleep in.

It will be good to be all in one place again. Might be a long time till that happens again so I will take pics.

and that's what I'll be doing with our holiday weekend.

How bout you?


  1. Sounds good. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving - all of you.

  2. Can I say how happy this makes me to read this. It just feels right that you all should gather there and that Nate and Johanna can still be somewhat close enough to drive there in less than a day.

    Our thanksgiving will be small and revolving around renos in the house. It will be our first without Mom, even though she is only a few blocks away, but it is all good.

    All the best to you guys this weekend.

  3. It is good the whole family will be in residence this weekend. Small blessings for all. Our turkey is thawing in the fridge and we will cook on Sunday as usual. I hope you all have a great weekend together.


  4. So glad you'll have a house full & that you can all be together. I'm pretty disappointed all the snow had to come this particular weekend. Our drive to Sk was pretty crazy, but hopefully all my aunts & uncles will make it safely this morning. Maureen was saying she wondered when we'd all be together again now that granny & grandpa are gone. But here we are -- almost 20 of us-- to put them to rest & say our last good-byes.

    Have a good weekend. Our love to you all.

  5. Sounds like a fun weekend for you all.

    We will celebrate Melody's XL birthday Sat. Most of the kids will be home from school for that and Grandma's good cooking on Sunday. Mel's b-day is the 13th so send her a nasty/nice message if you think of it.


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