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Friday, October 09, 2009
Well the ones from the North and the ones from the East have arrived and the ones from the West are past Kamloops. They still have a long night ahead of them on the road.

And here I find myself taking on the roll my parents took and my grandparents before them. That of patiently waiting and praying for the safe journey for children. How many times I was in their shoes, even through the minus 30's of cold winters and a couple of times driving 60 hours straight to get home.

Now I am on the receiving, hosting, praying end. Wow, how quickly did that go.

So I worry a little knowing the difficulty of their task, and I pray a lot knowing that it was somebodys praying that got me through a few close calls. And I'm mostly humbled that they would be willing to spend what it costs and go through all the hard work just to come up here to see us.

Anyway Lauralea is sawing logs hard beside me here, she's been going full speed since we got home and she's so tired. But there are good beds made for 13 people, towels, pillows, soaps, and so on. Meals are planned and thought through, buns baked, fruit sauces made for waffles in the morning, etc.

And Monday they'll all be gone.

Tuesday could be tricky for us.

Sleeping and praying in the field,

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  1. Wishing you a good weekend together, peaceful, restful nights and light hearts on Tuesday when the house is quiet.


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