Well, it's snowing out there

Wednesday, October 14, 2009
and I don't mean the occasional fluffy bit that drops lazily out of the sky to gently kiss the earth just before it melts into nothingness. I mean wind howling whiteout through which you can't see a mile down the road and piles of drifts to trudge through.

So. Very. Gross.

I wanted to crawl back into bed, in fact I tried but I just couldn't stay there, so I dragged myself out here to my office and I'm trying to work in spite of the sad sad sounds of confused Canadian geese trying to find south, and the sight of the green leaves on the trees wilting and curling up in a vain attempt to stay warm.



  1. No! Please do not send it this way.

  2. isn't it gross?! I'm so not looking forward to snow yet this year. Here's hoping the next week of + forecasts come true!

  3. I am in the minority (as probably the only person) - but I LOVE the snow. It's cathartic. It covers up all the ugly. Blankets everything in pristine white. Leads to cuddling up under blankets with a good book and not feeling guilty because it's cold outside. Plus photographing snowflakes are truly beautiful.

    Yes I get tired of it after awhile but I always love the first snowfall of the year - it just makes my heart sing.


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