Sleeping lightly

Two nights ago the United church in Wetaskiwin burned to the ground.

Last night the Evangelical Lutheran burned, but not to the ground.

That kind of stuff is really sad. Tonight I'm wondering if Wetaskiwin will be too, forgive me, too hot. So the fire starters may go looking for a little something in the country that might burn nicely.

I've only been out here a year but already I've had bad dreams about fires in this place. It's so far from anything remotely firefighting-ish that fires out here can be so damaging.

I'm not worried but I suppose I'm sleeping lighter than normal. And thinking about those whose spaces have been taken from them for this weekend.


  1. they can burn the building but that does not kill the church.

    it just gives the people a headache of looking for somewhere else to meet for a while

  2. So that's what Lisa was talking about on Twitter. Don't worry Randall, those thoughts of Malmo burning down will subside. Hopefully they will catch the people who did it.

    What is with churches getting vandalized or getting started on fire? St. John's Royal south of Prince Albert on Royal Road was vandalized to the point it had to be fixed up completely. Than it was vandalized a second time. St. Andrew's Church in the Halcro District was also vandalized to the point the church was almost torn down.

    Its truly sad that people have vandalize or set churches on fire. Is it just random hits or are people jaded at the church for whatever. It would be interesting to know what they are thinking.

    Randall, all you can do is pray that the church can rebound. Praying for you and that church.

  3. Remember the fire engine down the road!


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