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Monday, November 16, 2009
One of the apps I have on my iPod Touch is a webcam app, and so in the evenings before I go to sleep I like to catch a glimpse of my favourite places and what seems to be happening around the world. It reminds me that this world is a much bigger place than this field I live in.

Anyway, a couple of my favourites are these;

An Italian town that hangs onto a cliff. Looks beautiful with the early morning lights coming on,

It's a gorgeous town though you would have to keep your brakes in good order.

Then there is this one. A small train station in the Czech Republic.
Some day I want to visit that place.

Or how about a laundry in Paris.
Yeah, we all think of the glamour of Paris, but here is the place it gets clean. But at 6:30 in the morning?

And here is my favourite.
Seems like perhaps a son has placed a webcam in his parents kitchen, in Hiroshima, Japan, to keep an eye on them. They come and go and their table looks like life is lived daily there. Some mail and reading material on the table, along with some sauce and of course, a rice cooker.

It's like they have become a strange comfort to me. Just people living their lives same as I do, on the other side of the world.

Yeah it may make for boring tv.
But I think it's more real than all the crap that's out there these days.


  1. That Italian town looks so beautiful, that it's almost unreal.

    Nite to you all in the field!

  2. :)

    made me want to say, "Night Mary Ellen…"

  3. Italy? Don't be so cily.....or something like that.....

    Stunning photo.

  4. Becky - Positano is quite lovely, although there area is now crazy with too many tourists. We have a bunch of images somewhere that we took there in 2008, and I can honestly say that Randall was right about needing good brakes (you also need a small car - you'd never get a mini van through those streets). If you ever go, make sure you have LOTS of change for parking meters (no-one in the area gives change, as they all want it for the meters themselves).

    Dean - it's on the Amalfi coast, about 50min drive from Naples and on the opposite side of the peninsula from Sorrento.

    Thanks for the reminder, Randall. Is image 2 from Poland? I'd agree with not all of Paris being glamorous - it's very much a working city.

    Last pic looks like fun.

  5. Toni, the picture is from a small train station in the Czech Republic.

    It should be linked now.


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