A beautiful morning out here in these prairie hills

Saturday, November 14, 2009
And so with Lauralea off on a quilting adventure, as if quilting can be an adventure, then txting me later informing me of her new plans to go with a few others for brunch, and with Micah sound asleep, I had the morning to myself. A rare treat.

So I ate some homemade bread toast and some corn pops, looked out into the dazzling sunshine and felt something more than the Corn Pops stirring inside me. I got my ipod and shuffled my worship tunes, threw on my coat and headed off on a prayer hike through the harvested hills around my home. And I walked and prayed.

It was so good, like finding home again.

The things that seemed they needed praying for mostly were for churches out there that seem more intent on accusing one another than they are about getting on with the business of following their leader. I am constantly amazed by a churches ability to look inward and take pot shots at itself, destroying God's work in the process. But there are a couple of church stories I am aware of and they keep me up at night, so I pray.

Other things were prayed for too, but it was good to walk and pray and actually to be able to pray out loud with no one around to mock me out about how I pray or what I pray for.


After a good chunk of time my bum leg started to catch up with me so I sat a bit and just enjoyed the space and time and his presence.

Lauralea should be home soon, and then I think it's time for some Saturday chores.

Better go wake the sleeping dead.


  1. Quilting can be an adventure Randall...as can knitting! :)
    Glad you had a good morning...I miss walking in the country...parks in the city will have to do for now! Miss you friend.

  2. Your prayer walk sounds like a real gift. Hope the praying and God's good planet nourished you as well as others

  3. It's good to hear you've had some time to refresh yourself. What you said about churches resonates true for so many people. I have a friend who is in the midst of a pile of conflict at his church because of choices he's been making as a person in leadership. Seems he could use some support from someone such as yourself who understands the role of a leader in a church.

  4. Just seems a lot of fear out there in churches, and when people are fearful it's just not good.

    We need to build churches of people confident of Gods love for them.

    The fear and ignorance I'm bumping into out there in churches is amazing. That needs addressing and shepherding people through.

    But it's way easier to type that on a webpage than it is to help a whole church see sense.


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