Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Don't know if I've mentioned it here before or not, but we do have this church in the field online now, so you can see where it is and a picture or two and some church announcements and an odd talk or two by myself.


  1. Can I just get it clear for this dull, cold-ridden brain of mine. You made repeated oblique reference to Malmo. Do I understand correctly that this is the name of the church you now serve?

    I'd rather wondered in the past of it wasn't some oblique reference to a bit of Mennonite European history, a little like Munster.

  2. Every time I read thatI think, "Malmo Mennonite Church"....why the "MC" and not something more obviously Covenant?

  3. Toni, the church I'm now at is called Malmo Mission Covenant Church. It's over a hundred years old and was started by a bunch of swedes who had moved to the area to farm. There were two stores nearby and most importantly a post office. That probably led to the area being called Malmo, after the town in their homeland.

    Now what's left is a church, and the house next door where I live. I call it Malmo for short sometimes.

    Does that help a bit?

    And Johanna, why do you naturally connect it with a Mennonite connection? Malmo Mission Covenant is the name and I figured easier to recall than mmcovenant or mmcc which was taken anyway. MalmoMC is easy to say to people and easy to remember.

  4. Thanks for that.
    I suspect you're the reason Johanna connects it with Mennonite, but I'd be interested to hear otherwise.


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