Photo hosting options?

Tuesday, November 10, 2009
I'm frustrated with Flickr lately, and getting more so with every picture they won't display on the website.

What are you using to host your images? Anyone using picassa? Smugmug? Others?

Let me know what you like.

Just curious.


  1. Photobucket.

    Fewer clever tools (at least in the free version - or maybe there are, and I'm not interested enough to look) but good, solid and fast image serving.

  2. FWIW Photobucket seems the imageserver of choice for many users of web forums, who simply want an image displayed wherever they paste the link, and as quickly as possible. There are bandwidth limits for free accounts, but even a blog as widely read as this is unlikely to exceed them.

  3. GM ,I use picassa--and some photobuckett-flikr seems to boogged down with -something at times -good work you do!!!

  4. I use photobucket when I want to post something online - so far haven't had any troubles with it.

  5. I use flickr, I've heard of people struggling with it, I haven't seen anything different then normal.

    I use picasa for hosting "private" galleries as you can host hidden galleries and send people a very specific link to it.

    I've had a deviant art profile for years, and I've never known what to really think of it.
    I suppose it depends on what you're trying to do.

  6. I think I'd like something like Flickr that just works. And fast. I'm willing to pay a small amount for a year of hosting but I just want it to work.

    No one with smugmug experience out there?

  7. Never heard of it before - sorry.

  8. There are some photographers I know that use it. They like it. I hate it. It's annoying little pop ups when trying to view a picture drive me batty - if I wanted half of the picture covered with crap - I would have done that myself i photoshop!

    I think for the user it's nice for the viewer it's annoying - have heard a few of us viewers say that.

    But that's all hearsay - I haven't actually used the service to host photos - just to view others work.

  9. I have sporadically used Gallery
    It's kind of clunky, but it's free with my website hosting service.


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