Not fit for man nor beast out there tonight

Saturday, December 05, 2009
Tonight we had an appointment at a local farm and yeah, it's been snowing and blowing for a few days so we set off well dressed for the elements, in the darkness and blowing snow.

First the gravel road disappeared into the white, then we started plowing through 2 and 3 foot drifts, hitting each one so we wouldn't be stopped by them, and believe me that made for some white knuckle driving. Probably would have turned around except there was no place to stop and do that.

Somehow we made it to the farm and popped the hood only to see the engine full of snow. Great.

We had a good evening and started our trip home in the wind and snow and now drifts. We went a different way home, more highway, less dirt road. But the drifts across the road were enough to try to throw the car into the ditch if you hit them too hard. Then the Check Engine light started flashing, and the car started running rough. Great. Too much snow and cold and the computer and sensors don't like that.

It was dark and snowy and blowing hard out there, and wisely there was no one out there tonight. We limped home driving around the drifts and made it home, car in the garage.

Now tomorrow about church, people have been asking is church on or off?

We'll get up early and check and see what it's doing out there. After tonight I wouldn't be disinclined to tell people to stay home, rest, drink hot drinks, and wait till things improve.

But we'll see in them morning.

Check the church website to see if we'll be running service in the morning.

Night and stay warm.


  1. Heidi and I went to Edmonton today. Went below the speed limit. Roads were better tonight at 11:30 pm than 1:00 pm. The worst roads were the city of Wetaskiwin. Off to The Roar tomorrow again!!


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