At a CBC Vinyl Cafe recording in Edmonton.

Lots of fun.

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  1. Nice!

    I had a great time when I saw him a couple years ago. Maybe stroke his face after the concert like I did. :)

  2. The image links to the same image for me. Is there a video that should go with it?

  3. Stuart McLean is a storyteller on the level of Garrison Keillor.
    But I hope you didn't stroke his face like Dixie did.

  4. nope Toni, it was a recording for CBC Radio and I had a moment while the lights went up to try and grab a shot with my phone.

    Not a great capture at all.

    And I did think of Dixies nerve as I sat there watching this story telling master at work.


    a great day.

  5. I'm a little jealous. I think he may have been in P.A. again this fall. That would have been my turn.

    Plans are in the works for Dixie and I to go down to St. Paul, Minnesota for a taping of A Prairie Home Companion next year! Good times. (I prefer Garrison Keillor's quiet, relaxed style over Stuart McLean's more scripted, lively style, but both men are great storytellers.)


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