Tonight we went to a party

Tuesday, December 08, 2009
Which is what the church should be about, giving the best parties.

It was our church Christmas banquet and these people know how to throw a get together. Besides the locals there were people from the community and even from Edmonton.

Thank you to those of you who worked hard to make it happen.

Here are more pictures from the evening.


  1. Is that Charlie Brown on your tie?! Make sure you wear it the next time you see my kids, even if it's in the summer.


  2. Now that is an image that does me good to see.

  3. I thought, "he looks so good!"

    Then I realized that this is the first picture I've seen of you actually smiling a real smile.

    You should do that more look a lot better than with the stern-face.

  4. I think the muscles in my face that help me smile are retarded or underdeveloped. It's really hard to smile and I always feel self conscious when I'm doing it.

    And of course, the more I think about trying to do it, the stranger I look, and then people just get afraid of me and run away because of this leaching open mouthed grin on my face.

    I do feel guilty about people who think I'm stern or unhappy all the time because I really am not. I just look goofy smiling.

  5. You just need more practice, that's all.

    Practice smiling in a looks stupid, but then you get comfortable with it and realize that you do actually look a ton better than when you look grumpy.

    At least, you look better according to this picture...

  6. Alright.

    I can practice while I'm on my inversion table. That's like free time.


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