Open House 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009
One of the things we like to do each year is to throw open the doors of whatever house we are living in and welcome in the masses. Lauralea has been planing and baking and decorating and tomorrow is the day.

From 3 till 9pm on Friday December 18th you are invited to come down and hang out and drink some cider and eat some baking and visit a bit and go home with the warm glow of a carb & sugar rush making your cheeks a rosy red.

If the internet is behaving, and it hasn't been as of late, we will try to have a live video feed to the internet from our kitchen, so even if you live 3000 miles away, you can get your own cookie, pull up a chair, and it will be just like you were sitting there with us. Well, sort of.

And this year we are taking our own advice and simplifying things. Not gonna worry about things left undone. At least we'll be here welcoming you, and there are only four types of baking available to your taste buds.

See you tomorrow then.

… oh right, how to get here.

Try out this map. We live on the southeast corner of this junction.
We'll be the only house on that corner, beside a church and cemetery.

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  1. did you know Spiced Rum is on sale at S'store this week?

  2. If I knew how to make real eggnog then I might be tempted.

    Because real eggnog is like, the best.


  3. Wish we were joining you in meatspace too.

  4. Since I know you're a big egg nog fan, I thought you might like to consider making some authentic advocaat. Discalimer - I've not tried either recipe.

    This one looks more authentic (I remember my mother making it, using whole eggs that gradually dissolved in the drink) but without enough alcohol:

    And this one may be a little easier and quicker to make:


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