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Thursday, December 17, 2009
For two days this week I was down in Calgary where I participate in giving spiritual care to a group of people seeking to learn what it's like to live in community.

The concept behind Life Together is that we get a large house and bring in some quality leaders to live there and work in the community, then we invite people who want to experience living in community to come and move in. They may work for a living or go to school, but they all have chosen to be there to create this spiritual community dynamic.

There is a house rule of morning and evening prayer and some other things they do together in the house, the local church, and in the extended community. As such, learning to live like Jesus lived is a regular part of life there.

Calgary was our first house and this is our first year at it, but next year there is interest to open up houses in three other cities.

This is one of the most exciting things I believe we are doing right now, as a Evangelical Covenant church in Canada. I really feel it's where the future lies for so many of our new generations discovering and deepening their faith.

So here are a few photos I was able to get while they were preparing Christmas Supper.

Photos here.

There was a ham.

And turkeys…
Making Christmas Supper

And everyone made what they were good at making.

It was a great supper and I always have a good time with them.


  1. Great concept Randall, I'm interested to watch things unfold. Let me know next time you are coming to Calgary and let's get together again.

  2. You should've put the picture of Greg Jensen directly under the phrase: "There was a ham."

    (Can I say that when I don't really know the guy?) :)

  3. I think what your tribe is doing is great! I'm jealous!

  4. Will do Steve. Look forward to it.

    and Dix that's why I had him beneath the pic referencing turkeys… :)

    LT, you guys are barking up the right tree too. Keep in touch and I'm praying for you guys for clarity.

  5. Great pics!
    And yes, Greg is a turkey.

    Thanks for all you do for us Randall!

  6. Yeah, I saw the turkey thing after I posted that. Stupid bloglines which doesn't display things the same...

    Oh, and I know it's only 7:30am there, but I'm waiting for the webcam to start! :)


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