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Monday, January 18, 2010

And I'm sitting on the "I'm waiting for my wife who is inside there with all that lace and silk" bench with the other left behind male partners.


  1. Puts a new slant on the idea of being "left behind"

  2. Somehow reading this the title of your previous post came to mind.....

  3. You still get to keep your man card! Besides I've been there, done that, but couldn't find a t- shirt!:)

  4. Is there a more lost but very hopeful bunch of guys than those who sit outside such a store waiting patiently?

    I don't think so.

  5. Oh dear.

    Have things reached the stage where you no longer help select nice undies?

    Or are you among the hopeful because you parted with the words "surprise me"?


  6. Are you crazy? Go in you big baby! Help next time and have a little fun will ya! That bench is for those too young with little confidence or those too old to be inspired. Sorry, but maybe next time live a little, embarrass her.

  7. I think I am of the variety who has learned to give his love room to decide things for herself. My being in there doesn't always help and I suspect the young ladies running the store have heard all the small jokes before.

    And interestingly enough, I feel my age when I am in there. All these young ladies, my daughters age, running around serving the female population support undergarments.

    If I am in there joking or whatever, I feel like on some level, maybe their minds only, I end up playing the part of the dirty old man.
    And I don't like playing that part, even if just in the mind.

  8. Well put! It is different when you go in by yourself to do the "shopping".

  9. To be a truly creepy-old-man you have to smell bad and have a problem dropping your eyes. Just make sure you don't smell bad, and that you keep your eyes at eye-level, and you're not really creepy at all.


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