Like the Flower needs the Rain


To me, one of the great pleasures of life is walking.
When I walk, it's as if it's just God and I out there on the path. We talk and listen to each other. We compare stories and tell each other our concerns. We dream of the future and we celebrate the past.

Early in my ministry, as in during college, I used to walk and pray about the future so much. Hour after hour, night and day, walking. I look at it now as really the foundation laying time of my years of work and life. I reflect on those times with such fondness now. It's like a personal secret that God and I share and know about.

I miss those times.

Strangely, there are less opportunities to walk out here in the Field. Winter too takes away walking. The deep snow and surface ice make it too dangerous to wonder along with one's head in the clouds. So today was a rare treat.

I had to leave the car at the garage to get work done and I wanted to get to the store to look at a spring jacket I might need next week when I'm in Denver. So I walked, briskly, for nearly 25 minutes, and it was so good again.

Like parts of me were coming alive and thawing out after a long winter.

And just to make it perfect, it seems that brisk walking doesn't aggravate my back pain.

Come on warm weather. Come on places to walk. I need you like the flower needs the rain.



  1. I miss my (st)rolls at the zoo. The weather has been nice, but not enough to be casually moving along. Each push must be calculated for the ice packed bumps along sidewalks and parking lots. Though I'm not likely to slip and fall, I hear your words...

  2. Ahhh, I hear ya! I enjoy my walks regularly, and would REALLY miss them if I could'nt!

  3. Now that was a good walk......

    We tried having a local housegroup in our house a long time back, with the possible view of planting a church. There were 2 other couples, one of which was a pair of older Brits that had recently returned after 30 years in South Africa. He had issues with a lot of things that were done, and after we suggested walking round the village and praying he decided that was theologically wrong and upped & left with his wife.

    It's good to walk and talk to God, whatever is happening to us.


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