It's plus 10C in Denver right now you know!

Friday, January 22, 2010
On Sunday morning for the better part of a week I'll depart from The Field for warmer, busier climes, namely this place called Denver Colorado.

Each winter about this time, the leaders from this tribe I'm with called the Evangelical Covenant Church get together and share war stories and pray together and eat together and help one another with wounds or scars and just kinda watch out for and with one another. Oh yes there are workshops and good speakers, but most of the reason the 700 - 900 pastors gather is to connect once again with one another. Connection.

Oh you can go to any conference, or stay home and read a good book for the transference of information to happen, but you have to be with one another for connection and relationship to happen. At least once in a while. So this is what we do. It's a bit of a rarity for such a large percentage of leaders to gather in winter, but we do, and it's good.

This year I understand they are going to try to webcast the evening meetings. You might want to check it out at:

But if this space is quieter than usual, it's because I can't find a free wifi signal, and you know I'm all about the free WiFi.

Maybe I'll try to get my twitter account to post summaries of my days activities. We'll see.

Anybody ever been to Denver and recommend a place to see or eat or something?
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  1. How we need connections. Wounds and scars, most likely inflicted by the hands of brothers and sisters too. I hope and pray any you're bearing receive some healing there.

  2. See if you can get a free tour of Mile High stadium. Todd managed that when he was there one winter and said it was pretty sweet.


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