My Christmas Gift

This Christmas Johanna had drawn my name to purchase a gift for. She got creative and came up with a very cool idea. She got some of my best photography printed and bound in a book, and then she had them print, in softcover book form, my first three years of

I wondered what the quality would be like but I am blown away by the clarity and beauty of the photographs, and even more impressed by the softcover books. It's surreal to pop open a book of the blog and read posts that I had written years ago.

What a very cool gift.

Click here to see some photos of the books.




  1. What a great idea! Now maybe I can let myself off the hook for never scrapbooking any of Emma's pictures. Flickr to the rescue!

  2. They're really cool! Where were the paperback books of the blog from??

  3. Wow! I love it! Well done, Johanna. Liked seeing the page of the day you met Marc. :)

  4. Ben they were from too.

    and yes Becky a perfect history can be written and re-written for Emma, complete with pictures!

  5. Wow, what a nice, thoughtful gift! Lucky you!

  6. That is the coolest gift ever.

  7. That is very cool, what good thinking :)

  8. It will certainly be hard to top this next year. Way to go Johanna!

  9. I LOVE Blurb books. I am putting my blog into book form through them- it is sort of a mix of the photo and print books though specifically for blogs :) Very cool.


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