The week that was.

Saturday, January 09, 2010
Well, I'm coming off a week that, though it was necessary, sure was tough slugging.

Saying goodbye to family. Joh & Nate one week ago, Thomas on Thursday, Hillary tomorrow. Not unlike a slow bleed, but we are determined to keep calm and carry on.

One evening took up my annual review for my work here. No real surprises for me in that process. "Good communicator to all ages, people feel cared for and prayed for, unthreatening even when he has tough things to say, has a unifying effect, works really well with others, he cares," and stuff like that. The one "real negative" that came up was a fair one which was that "he hasn't taken holidays this year yet and he needs to look after himself in that respect." As I said that's a very fair concern and though there were reasons for that, we are looking and planning some holidays presently.

Another night was spent getting Hillary from the airport in Edmonton and another evening was about getting Thomas to Calgary.

Last evening was the budget planning meeting with the church trustees. I know it's not a preferred way to spend a Friday night but we got through it by bringing snacks and baked goods and beef jerky. They are a good bunch to work with too, and so it was a fun evening.

Throw into the week a funeral, some conference work, getting ready for our prayer week next week, and that puts me right back in my office on Saturday trying to write my annual report, due tomorrow.

I suppose in some respects its good to be right back into the deep end of the pool so quickly after a busy time, but the bad side of that is all our christmas decorations are still up and the tree still shines brightly in our front window.

I did try to convince herself that maybe we should just keep it up all year long, but then she wanted to decorate it seasonally; Red hearts for February, Green shamrocks for March, lilac colour eggs for April, you get the idea.

She is all about the good ideas. And I'm the guy who brings her back down to earth. The tree will be gone on Monday.


  1. "The tree will be gone on Monday" - you mean L has been waiting for a gang of men with ropes to raise it to an upper storey ? :)

    Sounds like a good honest week back at the church face, have a good day tomorrow my friend.

  2. You can always wait until after Ukrainian New Year's to take down the tree .......Friesen(ski)

  3. Seasonal ideas for the tree! :)" The tree will be down on Monday....or Tuesday!" You two crack me up! :)

  4. I think leaving the tree up and decorating it seasonally sounds great. Much better than taking it out and dragging it in next year.


  5. I did that one year left the tree up 1/2 of the year decorated for differnt seasons...then late April threw the whole thing out in my front lawn for the garbage man to pick up .... decorations and all...


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