They are going.

Saturday, January 02, 2010
The family is beginning to scatter to the North, South and West.

Hillary flew to Kelowna for the weekend to visit a friend before she heads north back to school. Johanna and Nate just left for home, 13 hours away with a significant mountain range in the way and snow in the forecast. Thomas will be heading south to Calgary in a few days to move into our Calgary "Life Together" house and see what his fortune will be like there.

Then it's Micah, Lauralea, and me again in the field. And though I considered finishing that last sentence with the word "Naturally," because of the self-pity implied, I shall not use it.

It's been a great christmas here in the field, really great. And the greatness has come from people to share the time with. I am really very grateful for it all.

I have been consciously aware of friends who don't have family around any longer, and my thoughts have turned to prayer many times these days. I am trying to be thankful for what I have on any given day, living in the present, enjoying what's given to me. Let's see if we can keep that thankfulness into next week, shall we?



  1. Well I'm very glad you guys had a good time together. It's great that everyone could make it, despite being so many hundred miles apart normal.

    God bless you and give you all a peaceful and fruitful 2010.

  2. Thomas can actually grow facial hair? Well probably not really as it looks patchy.


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