2010 Vancouver Olympics (or is the use of that word copyrighted too?)

Saturday, February 20, 2010
I'm tired of the Olympics already.

Let me correct that, I'm tired of hearing "Canada will do really well in this event, at least one, maybe two metals." And then they go finish fourth and fifth. I've watched that happen now a couple of times and I'm tired of it to be honest. I can't even imagine what the participants are feeling.

Too many close calls. Too many losses, too many hundredths of a second or millimeter or whatever.

I heard yesterday that for any South Korean athlete who wins a gold medal has a salary for life so I'm kinda cheering for them when I have the chance. I mean that would be sweet in a tough place like that. Not too many chances to work your heart out and have it rewarded that well in places like that.

I am still watching the hockey, although the Canadian professionals don't look that professional when Norway then Switzerland give them a run for their money. Wait to see what happens tomorrow when they play the US of A. Who knows, I might be completely done with the Olympics by tomorrow night.

Anyway, Johanna and Hillary and probably Nate are downtown Vancouver tonight trying to get into a free Sam Roberts concert, so at least our family is well represented at the 2010 Vancouver Olympics.

Now, when does football season start?


  1. I hear ya. There's SO MUCH pressure on our athletes to bring gold home 'cos it's taking place on "home" turf! No wonder most of them are wiping out and putting in less-than-best performances. I wouldn't want to be in their shoes.

  2. I think there was too much hype with the "Own the Podium" slogan etc. A lot of pressure to perform. On the other hand, to balance the disappointments there have been surprises like seeing the good ol' auctioneer from Russell, Manitoba win gold in the men's skeleton event.
    I like some of the obscure sports. In Canada we never hear of biathlon, but in northern Europe the biathlon athletes are like rock stars.
    And when the Canadians are performing poorly I can always cheer for the Norwegian men's curling team's pants.


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