In for a landing

Friday, February 19, 2010
For a week in which the rest of Canada got a day off to celebrate with their families, this week has been family oriented in a different way for me I suppose.

I spent a couple of days in Calgary working with our intentional community house on Spiritual Direction and a bit of pastoral encouragement as well. Thomas has moved there and is now a part of the life there so I took him out for a good Indian lunch one day. I offered him alternatives for getting direction being I'm his dad and all, but he wanted to have a go at it, so we'll see how that goes. The house is doing great and life continues to deepen and progress.

And yesterday evening I headed into the guts of Edmonton to the Bus Terminal to pick up Hillary. She was asked to accompany an individual who Air Canada (turns and spits) suddenly deemed unable to travel by himself, to Vancouver Island. Then she's taking a ferry over to Vancouver for the weekend to stay with Johanna & Nate.

That's Vancouver, the center of the olympic world for these weeks. Free concerts, fireworks, outdoor parties and cafe's, did I mention free concerts? Anyway, she's a lucky bum this weekend.

And I'm in the office doing a weeks worth of catching up and preparation for Sunday, because tomorrow I am at our camp annual meeting for the day.

So, not much field news for the week, well except for the crap news Monday night and Tuesday morning. But I am landing now for a while. Time to get back into the rhythm of life here.

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  1. Happy landings, do we need to ground you for a couple of days?


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