Field Trip Day

Friday, May 28, 2010
Usually on weeks when it's a statutory holiday (bank holiday) I take the extra day off during the week when I have some time. But this week has been a good full week around these parts and so we've been busy.

But this morning I need to get to a town a bit further away, closer to the city, so I'm taking Lauralea along and we're doing breakfast at Ikea (cheap beggar that I am) and then I'm dragging her to something I've never seen before, the grand opening of an Apple Store.

Seems Edmonton is getting it's second Apple Store on the same day that the iPad is released here in Canada. While I have no plans to get such an item, I think it should be fund to play with one, if there is one to be played with. It should also be fun to see what a Grand Opening at an Apple store looks like.

So, on a rainy cool day in the field, we are going on a field trip.

See you later.


  1. Ikea is a good place for a meal. I have not had the $0.99 breakfast but I have heard good things.

  2. Bank holiday weekend here too, and it seems we're in the same boat - day off on a Monday, so easy to not take the extra day holiday as well. Glad you are working on it, but, tbh, would contain my excitement at the schedule of Ikea followed by Apple :)

  3. My commiserations to Edmonton, but I guess you can't stop people opening shops if they really want to.



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