What a fun moment.


  1. Hey! Did you buy one? Or is this in the store?

  2. No no, I didn't get one.

    Just played with one in the new Apple store.

    Very cool toy. Very.

    Kinda heavy holding it up for half an hour though.

    I kinda think I'd get one then after using it for a week I'd probably say "This would be great if it were only a little smaller, maybe a handheld size."

    Which is what I have now.

  3. Cool to see you padded up. I was never concerned for your sanity, however.


  4. We were discussing the iPad in Greek a week or two ago. (There is an app for the iPad/iTouch which has the critical Greek and Hebrew texts along with parsing/definitions at the touch of a finger--a part of him would like to recommend the iPad with the app for theology students. But I digress...)

    I was surprised when they told me how big it was. Maybe 4 times the dimensions of the iTouch, would you say? I expected it to be significantly bigger. It's smaller size only seems to add to my suspicion that it's a glorified iTouch (just less portable).

    Nevertheless, the very fact that you can buy a separate keyboard for it is enough to make it interesting...


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