I know you will think me crazy for this but...

What a beautiful gorgeous day it is here in the field.

Overcast, cool, may rain or snow. Its just the kind of day I love. I wish there were more of them.

Ok, you may leave your smart remarks now.


  1. Whats my car doing parked in your drive way?

  2. No smart alec comments. Just agreement.

  3. I agree in a sense that it was a cozy day for us - built a fire, relaxed and watched movies.

  4. Ahhhh....I love it too....the smell, the breeze, a bit of drizzle.......mmmmmmmm
    a precursor of course, to the lovely sizzling hot days to come.....;-)

  5. That's Lauralea's car.

    and today the sun is trying to shine. May he be thwarted.


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