"Alfred, I see Birds."

Saturday, May 08, 2010
After getting up this morning and changing the sheets and getting the laundry in the washer and getting to the office for nearly an hour already, my wake up alarm on my phone went off.

So, yes I had planned to sleep in till 9 or so this morning, but thanks to the geese honking in the field next to my open window and then the stupid Robins doing the window slam once again I finally gave up sleeping.

Of course they are all silent now once I'm up and busy. Blighters.

Yes on the good side I've already been quite productive for a Saturday morning. But on the bad side I have the growing suspicion that I'm in an Alfred Hitchcock film.

Oh and I'm tired.


  1. An afternoon nap would be a good idea today. Please stay awake for the message tomorrow ; )

  2. I thought we were lining up for a Pratchett/Tom Door quotation.

  3. I had 4 geese on my lawn just outside my bedroom window at 7 this morning. What a noisy way to wake up but it was fun to watch them 20 feet away.


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